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Arnold Gallery

Welsh       Statue

"Hap" Arnold had two principal instructors. The most important one was Orville Wright, but the other one is on the left. He's "Al" Welsh, one of the first instructors Orville taught. Al's not actually his name; his initials are A.L., and "Al" just stuck. The Statue on the right is of Hap, and it's at the U.S. Air Force Academy outside Colorado Springs.


Here's Hap in 1912, before he quit flying for four years. He's going to set a new altitude record in the plane sitting behind him. The record? 6,540 feet.


When Hap assumed command of March Field in 1931, he promised himself he'd promote aircraft in whatever ways he could. Here, taken at the Van Cleve Hotel in Dayton, proponents of air power gathered for a meeting.   Seated from left to right: Brig Gen Henry C. Pratt, Orville Wright, Governor (Ohio) George White, Brig Gen Benjamin P. Foulois and Edward A. Deeds. Standing is Lt Col Henry H. Arnold, Capt Eddie Rickenbacker, Congressman J.C. Cochran, Col T.J. Andrews and Col F.M. Andrews.