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There may be several questions that persist from time to time, and we at Silvercreek want to hear from you. There are ways to contact us, the slowest form is what we've called for years "snail mail." It's perfectly reliable, and can be used at any time for any reason.

Your second choice rests in the PC or Mac domain. You can opt to send your comments or questions to us or R.G. himself. He'll try to answer all emails in a timely fashion, but if he's on the road promoting the publishing company or a book, it could be a few days. The information for your use is below:


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        Author R.G. Beavers

Silvercreek Books, LLC
3515 Sycamore School Rd.
Suite 125 — PMB 173
Fort Worth, TX 76133



     Or, to discuss subjects which will only be seen by the author:




    Place email address in subject line, also. It tells us how to flag it.


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