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This trio represents different times in Jimmy Doolittle's life. Above left, he's eleven years old living in California. In the center he's a young seventeen-year-old and a wild card, for sure. But then he joined military service. Here on right is Lt. James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle. Soon to be pilot extraordinaire.


Before his Tokyo raid, Jimmy was placed into a ready-made crew from the 34th Bomb Squadron of the 17th Bomb Wing, as shown above. Doolittle's on the front row, on the left. His copilot to the right, Richard "Dick" Cole, is still flying as of this entry.


Doolittle is on the left and Colonel C.V. Glines is the man on the right, a well known and respected author with over thirty books to his credit. He is the Doolittle Raiders' official historian, and an honorary Doolittle Raider himself. Also, he's a retired Air Force Command Pilot.