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Portions of this site are the results of pure research. Most of the research borders on subjects discussed in a recently released book by Silvercreek, Legacy: Genesis of Aviation Greatness. Other portions can be found only here and in some specialty museums.

Treat this site as you would a personal book of yours, and if you'd like to have one of our books, that is available, also.

Remember, the story didn't start or end with Charlie Brown. His example only proved the bold statements made about flyers, flying, and the airplanes they flew. It all starts here:

 YngWil  YngOrv

These two boys look pretty normal to you? Well, you'd be right - and wrong. They began life as many other boys did. Big loving family, encouraged to pursue anything that their imaginations could conceive. In their house, not one library but two stimulated their various interests. They communicated between each other very, very well. They just sat and talked with each other. About everything. Folks in the neighborhood knew them as the Wright brothers. We can know them as Wilbur and Orville. Left one's Wilbur.

It all started with them. But the story hasn't ended yet. Maybe you'll want to take up where their successors left off. Maybe up in the wild, blue yonder.

When we look today at how the Wright brothers took to the air, we don’t see the hundreds of breakthroughs they saw. They took the process one step by heartbreaking step. They relished the simplest conquest and reveled in its yielded mystery become fact.

When Hap Arnold uncovers an entirely new world of endeavor called an air force, it was from hundreds of trials and thousands of errors. Put a hotter engine in this one; install larger fuel tanks in that one. The North American P-51 Mustang was a mule until Hap changed it into a thoroughbred. And he didn’t just see a few planes massed together; he saw the best air force on earth, ready to challenge the world’s most heinous foes.

Jimmy Doolittle’s incredible deeds developed in much the same manner. He was such a small little boy, and his classmates bullied, prodded and taunted him. But such adversity brings out powerful forces in great people.

They use whatever they have, in whatever capacity they can muster, to overcome obstacles. Jimmy knew how to “push it to the limit,” to wrestle every ounce of performance from an airplane. These precious gems of wisdom he carefully, methodically and diligently imparted to others.

From generation to generation, knowledge and skill has been handed down to the next cadre of flyers. But more than that, in certain situations an essence of greatness has also been handed down.

Today, there are thousands of young men and women looking at the skies and wondering if they will have a chance at dancing up there in the clouds. The resounding answer from Wilbur and Orville, Hap Arnold, Jimmy Doolittle and greats like them is a resounding "YES!"

Do you have what it takes to fly?

Do you want to find out?  

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