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The "Air & Water" Department:

Sometimes we mistake aircraft for the many aquatic animals that grace our oceans. There are many species which are difficult to separate from their airborne cousins, such as:




Large, fish-like mammals  which approach us at waters edge. It's amazing how Cessnas look...







Lurking just below the water's surface - it's a great white. All 20 feet and 3 tons - no twenty-five feet. We're going to need a bigger boat.






And this one's the wild and elusive Hornet shark. Don't let this one near you.





To get some real size, we go to the very rare white-and-blue whale. It may be trying to beach itself. These are really big creatures.






And this one isn't a fish at all. It's a submarine. We have a boomer coming out of the barn. One ping only please, Vasily.