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 Legacy: Genesis of Aviation Greatness

Over thirty years ago, a squadron of B-52Hs lived at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. The 34th Bomb Squadron came under the auspices of the 17th Bomb Wing there. The squadron amassed records and flying accomplishments, both in war and in peacetime, and was known as the very best of the best.





Captain (at the time) Charles B. Brown, otherwise known as Charlie, B-52 pilot of the 34th Bomb Squadron, was much like any other pilot, but with a few small differences. He could fly an airplane better than any other.






As seen above, this is Charlie with his crew. Handpicked instructors who had the task of evaluating other crewmembers in flight. Only the best were chosen to evaluate. Charlie's crew was the top evaluator crew, S-01. That's Charlie standing second from right, and Charlie's evaluator nav mentioned also in the book, is Roger Villines, second from left. Charlie appears to be saying, "well, let's get on with this."



On the night SPA 12 flew, the crew Charlie was sent to evaluate was Bob Smith's E-18. The pilot, Bob Smith, is farthest left, and his copilot, John D. "Dan" Weaver, is second from left. Even though Bob was the pilot, the best pilot onboard should fly in the seat in an emergency. That's why Charlie jumped into the pilot's chair.