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Links to some items of interest:

The Smithsonian Institution - one of the great gatherings of information in the world. A fine site from which to start any research project.

The Discovery Channel - another fascinating site from which to glean informative articles.

The Aeronautical Systems Center History Office - Many areas of aerospace endeavors can be perused at your leisure.

The Children's Learning Network - Depending on the age of your offspring, this educational site can be a load of fun and an eye-opener.

The National Museum of the USAF - many happy hours of combing through vast amounts of information for amazing, thought-provoking articles.

The United States Air Force Academy - A great school, a great honor code to live by, and a great website. Try it. Even better, apply for it.

The National Aquarium - Like to understand different kinds of aquatic animals? Here's a wonderful opportunity to do so. Just step inside their fabulous world.

The United States Naval Observatory - Wonder where navigators get their celestial booklets and data? Navy, yes! The mariner was the world's first long, long distance navigator.

The National Weather Service - This is the home of the National Hurricane Center, among other agencies. They can help you spot a storm long before it comes close to the U.S.

John F. Kennedy School of Government - Harvard is still a world-class place to learn, despite rumors to the contrary. Here one can learn about the real workings of government, instead of just taking pot shots at our national leaders.

The St. Louis Science Center - The website is dedicated to the continuing excellence of educational programs, exhibit development and community outreach. Great site.

Colonial Williamsburg - Want to know what it was like in 18th century Virginia? Just step into their world.

Micom Computers - Oops! - a collection of zany and sometimes tragic scenes, which get our attention from time to time. This one's not for the faint of heart.

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